Gaming on the iPhone

When the iPhone 5 was introduced last year, it was probably the best gaming phone ever made. Some people claim that it still retains that accolade despite the fact that several Android phones are now available with even faster performance and larger tablet-like displays. Naturally, no sooner do we get used to the latest offerings from Apple but we turn our attention to what will be the next device to emerge from that stable, after all even though it is rarely long before Apple’s competitors launch even more impressive devices, it always seems to be Apple that is in the avant-garde and ever since the launch of the first iPhone the company has displayed a prescience regarding emerging markets. Apple was the first company to see that the mobile phone would become a communications device rather than just a phone. Without the iPhone social networking would not have taken off as quickly as it did. And when the iPhone 5 was launched, it was Apple that saw that the phone would become the mobile gaming device of choice and so they built in gaming console like performance into the iPhone 5. This was soon followed up by online gaming and casino sites like making the most of the new gaming capabilities of the phone Where Apple did get it wrong however was in the world of casino gaming. Whilst in the early days the company never did embrace online gambling, very many users of the iPhone did. Many early online casino games used Adobe Flash as the basic platform, and this was not available on the iPhone. Consequently casino games developers turned to html5 as a platform that would replace Adobe Flash, and today there are many mobile online casinos designed specifically for iPhone users. Gambling games such as roulette and blackjack along with slots and video poker are played by iPhone users throughout much of the developed world where online gaming is legal which currently excludes the US, though there are indications that even the US will soon be on board with the rest of us.
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