5 best Android apps of 2016

Here in this article we will tell you about some of the top best android apps of 2016. There are many app available in the play store which can easily meet your expectation but some of them are very attractive due to its functionality and working capabilities.

ES File Explorer

it is one of the best and  times worth reviewing" of Android and has been reliably updating and advancing beginning now and into the not so distant. The application is out and out allowed to utilize and it all things considered has been with no gets despite the way that it now runs with a choice master edge that fuses a few new parts. It has a giant measure of parts including record sifting, root swashbuckler, compacting and releasing assorted sorts of reports, FTP fortify, find and sound playback support, dispersed limit bolster, SMB strengthen, WebDAV support, and inside and out additional. Are there other magnificent record programs? You put, however there are few that have the family that ES has. The essential pulverization is the expansion of a "telephone cleaning" highlight which is pointless, most perfect circumstance, however that can be not by any methods plainly obvious. This application is not kidding and ought to work magnificently for basically everybody.


Evernote is probably the most convincing note taking application ever been made. It runs with an immense measure of ton of note taking parts including the capacity to make records, embed sound/video/pictures, and a large portion of that is composed up to the cloud where it can be gotten to from any web program. There are additionally a significant social occasion of dynamic parts so you can keep this data in line. It besides highlights joint effort support in the event that you require that and it's all wrapped up in Material Design. The in-application buys are for Evernote Premium, which is an enlistment that gives you extra parts, for occurrence, PDF annotation, better security choices, and logged off access.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a spread stockpiling strategy accessible on Android where every single new client get 15GB forever for untouched ensuing to joining. You can, plainly, purchase dynamically if crucial. They meld Google Docs, Google Slides, Google sheets, Google Photos,. Between the workplace applications, the Photos application (which permits boundless photograph and video stronghold), and Keep for note taking, you have applications for on a very basic level anything you have to do comparatively as productivity. A rate of the parts of these applications meld live joint effort, noteworthy sharing segments, and closeness with Microsoft Office reports.

Google Now

Google Now is obviously the most compelling individual assistant programming accessible wherever. It at initially appeared a few years back and has taking after shaped into a continually on individual right hand that will let you know the environment, give you news articles about your fitting side hobbies, direct things like plane flight data, and give you access to fast data through voice searching for. It's overall always redesignd by Google to give you more data on a very basic level speedier than some time starting late. Close to that is Google Now Launcher, which permits you to put Google Now in that spot in the home screen line for out and out speedier access. It's a blend that different Android fans swear by! You can look at Google Now utilizing the catch underneath and you can get Google Now Launcher by clicking here.

Nova launcher

At in any case, we weren't going to put any launchers on this outline. Nova Launcher is from each point stretch out past what normal launchers are. It's been around for a note worthy time apportioning, it's been constantly updated, and along these lines it's never not been an incomprehensible choice for a launcher substitution. It runs with a colossal social event of segments, including the capacity to bolster and restore your home screen set ups, picture theming, monstrous measures of customization parts for the home screen and application drawer, and that is only the tip of the ice rack. In the event that you go premium, you can join signal controls, new check recognizing bits of evidence for applications, and picture swipe works out. There's no else to say. It's essentially that marvelous.

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