Android to Apple

AndroidtoApple(A to A) was founded in 2012 and launched on 12-12-12 with an aim to help people connect better with gadgets by covering latest news,updates,Apps and Games from Android phones,tablets to Apple iPhone,iPad and everything in-between for Gadget Lovers.

On AndroidtoApple we write in-depth reviews of latest Gadgets,App,Games and Accessories and if you would like to get your product reviewed you can submit it through the Submit for Review Page

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About the Author:

Madhu V is the Founder and Editor of AndroidtoApple.Sampath is a Computer Science Student from India,He is an avid out-of-the-box thinker,gadget Enthusiast,Half-Geek and Half-Nerd.

You can connect with him on Twitter, and Google+ or send him a Email at androidtoapplegroup@gmail.com

He says,

I Am inspired by Mark ZuckerBerg who founded Facebook.com which connects people and I created AndroidtoApple.com a site that helps people connect to Gadgets.