Download Whatsapp for Chromebook

Whatsapp for Chromebook, Whatsapp the popular messaging app for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry can now be installed on your Chrome OS,

Whatsapp offers a free way to send text and multimedia messages to other users who also installed the app on their smartphone. Whatsapp also allows users to create their own group chat. There is also a updated version of the app which allows you to add captions to photos.

How to use Whatsapp

1. Download Whatsapp on your smartphone from here

2. Whatsapp require no signup and you can use whatsapp using you phone number 

3. There is no need to add friends Whatsapp automatically loads your contacts and shows users who are currently using the app.

4. To start a group chat tap on the top right and select the new group option.

5. The app also lets to send offline messages and the messages will be automatically sent to the user when they come online.

How to Download and Install Whatsapp on Chromebook

Though Whatsapp isn't officially available to download for Chromebook  you can follow this tutorial on how to download android apps for Chromebook and use the same to install Whatsapp on your Chromebook.

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