2 Best Volume Boost Android Apps,Increase Android Volume

Android Apps: Most of the Android Phones are quite loud and provide a rich audio experience to it users but some Phones are not very loud and this factor annoys most users especially when you get used to listening music at a high volume.

There are many apps available on the Google play store that can help in increasing the default volume of your phone to some extent.

Using these volume boost apps may be harmful to you and your device so,use them only when you really need them.

Free Android Volume Boost Apps

Android volume increase app-speaker boost
Speaker Boost, is a free app to boost your android phone's speaker and headphone volume
Price Free 
Download this App  Google Play Store

Android Volume Booster, Volume+ 
Volume+, This app lets you Increase the Volume of your Android Device through custom EQ settings
Price  Free
Download this App  Google Play Store

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