5 Videos that Prove Sony Xperia Z is Water Resistant,Dust Resistant and Scratch Resistant

Sony Xperia Z might be one of few Smartphones in the market that is Water Resistant,Dust Resistant and Scratch Resistant and Sony made no mistake taking this point into the market and so far Sony seems to have succeeded in making Xperia Z one of Sony's best Smartphone in the mobile market.

Sony previous flagship phones Xperia Go and xperia acro S hasn't been received well in the market despite for their Water and Dust resistant features, but this time the Xperia Z seems to have brought Sony back into the high end smartphone market which is currently over taken by the mighty Samsung.

So,Is Sony Xperia Z Smartphone really Water,Dust and Scratch resistant?,To prove that here are some videos in which you can see the Sony Xperia Z withholding multiple external damage causing factors like Water and Dust.

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