The Best Android Benchmark App to Test Your Android Phone

3D Mark is a new benchmark app for Android to test the graphics and performance of your Android phone or tablet.3D Mark has already made its name as the most popular 3D benchmarking tool for Windows and Futuremark the company behind 3D Mark has now released the Android version of this useful tool.

There are many benchmark apps available on the Google play store but here are some features that make 3D Mark the best benchmark app for your Android device.
  • You can test the performance of over 1,000 different devices running on the Android platform
  • Ability to evaluate and compare the results with different devices
  • Test your Android phone or tablet with the powerful Ice Storm Extreme test which performs two graphics tests focusing on GPU performance and a physics test for measuring CPU performance
  • Free and easy way to test the performance of your device
Android App: 3D Mark

Price: Free

App Requirements: Android OS version 3.1 or higher,300MB of storage space,1GB RAM(minimum)

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