5 Cool New Android Apps of 2013: WeChat,UnblockMe,PRO DJ Mixer,Football App,NexGTv

In this fast moving world, 24 hours in a day is not enough for a human being. Be it a high school student, a politician who revels in the corridor of power or a big corporate fish at the end of the day, their to-do list will never be fulfilled. But often we come across with an entirely different situation. You are alone, waiting for your turn in the hospital for the monthly checkup, at the billing section of a supermarket or in a long journey home. You can’t help but stare at all the unfamiliar faces around you. You feel bored and slowly, you start yawning. But your Smartphone can be turned into an ample time killer if you occupy it with some addictive apps. Here are our best five apps that can save you from getting bored.


WeChat adds another dimension to already seen social apps available today. It offers all communication modes like text messages, video calls images and much more, all placed on a single plate.
You can make a group for your friend circle and can start chatting together and also share photos and videos. Having said all these, there are many more unique features that only WeChat can offer.
Voice messages and video calls can be used to communicate vocally with good clarity. WeChat can be extended to your desktop or laptop by using the WebChat option. A live chat feature is there, resembling ‘Hangout’.

WeChat offers an element of fun to your social merry go round with some addictive features in the form of Look Around, Shake, Drift Bottle, Moments and QQ Contacts. With the Look Around feature you can see your friends using WeChat near to you.
Of all funny things we chat can offer the Shake option stands apart. If you shake your phone, a random user comes up regardless of location given that the user has also shaken their phone at the same time.
Drift bottle allows you to send random messages and the moment feature is to add photos.
We Chat may not be viable for those who love a fair degree of privacy. Nonetheless you can turn off some features if you like. We can guarantee you that this app can kill a lot of time if you feel bored.

Download WeChat App

Unblock Me

At first sight, you may brand it as a kid’s game. But once you are into it, there is no turning back until you finish off some tricky levels. The challenge is simple, get the red block out of the board by sliding blocks back and forth, maneuvering them around in a series.
The overall ambiance of every level is the same. But the game gets tougher and tougher as you move up as the set of blocks will be different and the placement of the same will be altered in a more formidable manner.
The remarkable thing about this game is that you are never too close and never too far at the same time to achieve the goal. If you think you are close that may not be the case. You may move the blocks here and there without any real advancements.
Different levels are there in the form of beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert with varying degree of challenges. If you love to be challenged, there is a mode called challenge which tracks the number of moves you made and you can win up to three stars. Otherwise you can take the relax mode, sit back and enjoy the game.
Unblock me may not be pleasing to everybody, especially those who are impatient. This game is for true puzzle lovers.

Download UnBlock Me

Edjing PRO DJ Mixer turntables

Fancy becoming a DJ to rock the floor? You don’t have to spend an awful lot of money to experience that. The DJ Mixer app keeps reinventing your music and offers a lot of fun. You have two turntables to play the music and to mix it up real time. It has a touch of professionalism with great transitions thanks to the cross fader.
Your creativity has no limits as you can make use of pro sound effects like scratch, flanger, echo, loop, pitch, equalizer and cue point and multiple effects can be applied together.
If you are just a newbie DJ Mixer takes care of your transitions with the auto mix option. Auto synchronization enables the user to match the beats without too much fuss. Recording can be done for more than an hour. Additional FX (effects) in the store are in the form of Reverse, Double flipping, Auto Scratch and Reverbs.
This app is not about just recording. You can let the world know about your mixing skill with the eMix option. The mix tape can be shared on Facebook and Twitter. It can also be added to their site from where you can listen to the fantastic piece of art from your friends and yourself later.
So now you can take over the control of your parties and immerse in the world of music. This app is not free, but there is a free version with limited features.

Download Edjing Pro DJ Mixer

The Football App

The hardcore football fans simply can’t live without the news about their favorite teams or clubs. Most of us come across a situation in which the all important cup final of your teams falls on the same day as your friend’s marriage. You can’t miss both. The football app can relieve your tension by delivering text commentaries and videos.
Apart from commentaries, the football app keeps you updated with breaking news like a new transfer target of your team or the news about the injury of your best player.
For those who like to dig deep and look for finer details like statistics and player info, it’s there for you. Other features include customizable push notifications for ten different teams.
We can easily say that The Football App is the most comprehensive football app available till date and is included in Appstore as well as Google Play. This is a free app and a paid version is available if you like it minus ads.

Download The Football App


Missing your favorite TV shows while you are on the move? Relax; we may have got a solution. The NexGTv app offers free live streaming of more than 100 Indian channels across different genres like entertainment, sports, music, news and movies. This is a favorite app among the range of Samsung touch screen mobiles available in the market today.

3G connection is not a necessity for this online TV. It works smoothly on 2G as well because it can automatically vary the bit rate to catch up with a slow connection. Some on demand content is also available namely movies and videos.

It can be viewed on full screen and is stacked up with a program guide that covers the upcoming programs up to a week. You can have a preview of the channel and conduct quick surf to select your program.
This season’s IPL live streaming is also available. The download is free but to access premium channels and on demand stuffs, you must spend a small amount.

Download NextGTV App

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