Top 10 Android Widgets of 2013

Here is a list of some best Android widgets to customize your Android home screen,These useful widgets improves your productivity and brings all of your Android phone's important options to your finger tips.

Few things you should be knowing while installing more widgets on your phone is that these widgets utilize your phones resources and as a result your battery may drain faster and also your phone might also slow down if it doesn't have enough processing power.So,do consider adding only few widgets to your home screen that you feel are essential for your day to day activities.

Simple calendar widget


Simple calendar is a minimalistic calender widget for your Android home screen

Price: Free

Download Simple calendar widget on Google Play

Car Widget

The widget is a collection of useful shortcuts to help you access important features of your phone right from your Car

Price: Free

Download Car Widget on Google Play

Slider Widget


The widget boosts a beautiful interface with different color themes and it lets you control several functions like screen brightness,volume and alarm from your home screen

Price: Free

Download Slider Widget on Google Play

Android Weather & Clock Widget

The widget offers free weather updates and notifications with the help of attractive visuals.

Price: Free

Download Weather & Clock Widget on Google Play

Gold Live! Widget

The widget is really useful for frequent gold buyers since it gives rates of Gold,Silver etc in real time

Price: Free

Download Gold Live! Widget on Google Play

DroidPet Widget Lite

The widget lets you grow your own pet on your Android home screen.

Price: Free

Download DroidPet Widget on Google Play

Google Keep

Google Keep is the ultimate note taking app for Android

Price: Free

Download Google Keep on Google Play


The widget helps you efficiently mange all your tasks

Price: Free

Download Tasks on Google Play

Tiny Flashlight

The widget  lets you turn your Android phone's camera flash as a torch light

Price: Free

Download Tiny Flashlight on Google Play


Find meaning of any word from your Android home screen

Price: Free

Download Dictionary on Google Play
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