KitSound BoomBar Review, Loud Yet Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Good

+ Good build quality

+ Great Sound with extra bass

+ Compact Size

+ Long battery life

The Bad

- Low sound while taking calls

- Slight distortion at full volume


You might have seen many Bluetooth speakers which are big and loud but here is a Bluetooth speaker that is portable yet louder.

The KitSound BoomBar is a budget rechargeable Bluetooth speaker which looks good and sounds good too, The BoomBar comes packed with a USB cable, carry case and AUX cable for wired connections, The speaker comprises of three physical buttons and a LED indicator on the front while the USB,AUX ports and ON/OFF switch, Mic on the right side.

The BoomBar's sound quality is good and though the Bass is less the audio playback offered the two 2W speakers is crisp and clear,The inbuilt mic also performs well but the sound gets low while taking calls. The standard 1000mAh lithium battery provides long backup and can be charged through the USB cable.

The oval shaped design and soft plastic finish provides a good grip and you can carry it easily with the carry case specially made for the KitSound BoomBar.

Verdict: The BoomBar's portable design and the carry case makes it a perfect travel accessory and a good companion for devices with low speaker sound.

Where to Buy? You can get the KitSound BoomBar on GearZap

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