Housing India: Best Free Real Estate App in India

Are you Vexed of Spending lot of time and money in search of your desired house? If so, then here is an App that will make it a lot easier for you,with the help of it you can access a wide range of Houses form various locations and the best part is that you can access right from your Android smartphone from anywhere you like whether it may be your home or office.

Housing India App Features

Housing.com, the leading Real estate site in India has developed the Housing India App to make property search much more easier and to provide faster access to plots and houses across India for smartphone users.

1. Custom searchers: With this feature you can easily add and adjust filters as per you requirement and save some time

2. Save and share: you can save and share your desired locations with your friends

3. Photos: You can view exterior and interior snapshots of the house

4. Maps: You can easily find the exact location and directions to the real estate properties

Which Locations is it serving:

Housing India currently lists real estate properties and other services across Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida, Ghaziabad, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Pune, Hyderabad and Faridabad. A lot of new cities are emerging and so do the number of people moving from place to place also increasing. The app should add more cities to fulfill the requirements of the users.

How to find your desired House:

housing app

1. First download and install Housing India App from Google Play and Apple App store

2. After installing, open the app and Adjust your Filters as per your requirement and Type your desired location then click on search button.

3. The app will show you the number of Houses available for sale or rent and their respective prices

4. Adjust the radius of search to find number of Houses available in and around you. you can also adjust the area radius by taping on the right corner button on the app.

5. Tap on the desired location to get details of the house like interior,Land lord info etc.,

6. The app allows you to contact the land lord to directly make a deal

7. You can also view the directions to the places mentioned on the app with the help of maps

Want you Sell or Rent you House?

Now property owners can find buyers directly using the Housing India app. users can easily list their House for sale or rent using the app and reach more people looking for flats for sale or rent.

I didn't get my desired house what to do next:

If you didn't find any house as per your requirement then just submit your requirements and the app will notify you when its available.

The app we be very helpful for people going to a places which are completely new to them and in some case they might even don't know how to speak the language. Lets assume if you were from Delhi and went to Bangalore city, you can just open the app and search for "Flats on rent in Bangalore" and you will instantly get a list of available option.
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