Song Buddy App Review, Best Free App for all your Music Needs

There have been times when you felt how helpful it would be, if you could get some more details like artist name and genre about the song you are listening to but don’t know where to search for the information. Then here is the perfect solution for your query if you are using an iPhone.

Song Buddy by wide angle software is your new buddy who will be coming up with all the information that you need about a particular song. Now when you will be listening to the song on your iTunes it will automatically detect the artist and browse through to get you the photo of the artist, discography and official video links along with web pages. It will also inform you about the new upcoming event of the artist along with suggestions of similar artists whom you would love to listen as well.

This app is completely free of cost and there is no requirement of any sign ups and neither does it come with any hidden cost. You can download the Song Buddy app for iPhone from the Apple App Store.

Song Buddy is a must have app to know and stay updated on everything about music right from your iPhone. 

Download: Song Buddy App

How to Use the Song Buddy App

Once you install the Song Buddy it will run from the taskbar and you will be able to see it running in the right hand lower corner of the screen. You can be listening to music in your favorite iTunes or Windows Media player, but the notification will pop up at the bottom of the screen providing you with all the alerts about the song that you are listening to. When you will click this notification you will be made available with a mini bio in an expanded window. In this window that is expanded you will find links to Wikipedia, Spotify, Facebook and iTunes as well. This information is made available in a quest to provide you with in – depth and relevant information about the artist.

If you are interested in sharing the information then Facebook link is readily available where you can share. Other than this information several other tabs are made available which will take you to the list of the album that has been released by the artist and also the albums that are yet to be released.

Info window

The info window is pop up that you can make use by typing in the several search items for the artist. You can type in the name of the artist to get much more information that was not mentioned there already. If you want to configure the notification option, then you can do so from the settings menu that is made available for this app.

It seems to be a must have for all music lover who loves to collect information about their favorite artists too. It is a fun app to have which will come up with all the interesting information about your favorite artist and what they are coming up with.

You will also be made available with information regarding the latest kid on the block in the music arena. It is really useful to have a helpful guide who is there to collect all the data about your favorite artists.

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