Citrix Receiver for PC (Windows 7/8,Mac)

Citrix Receiver for PC: Need an easy to use client to access your virtual desktops, applications and enterprise files then download Citrix Reciever for Windows and Mac.Users can access their XenApp and XenDesktop applications securely from multiple devices using this software and also use various services offered by it.

Citric Receiver also supports smartphones and tablets, the software is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone.To use the app users need to download the app to their devices from the app stores and enter their credentials to login to the service and access the applications.

How to install Citrix Receiver on PC

1. The software is avilable for free and you can download Citrix Receiver for Windows or Mac Computer from below.

    Download Citrix Receiver for Windows

    Download Citrix Receiver for Mac

2. Open the installation file i.e CitrixReceiver.exe file and install it

3. Now open the software and enter your Email Address or Server, User Name, Password and Domain obtained from the system administrator.

4. To update the software just download and install the latest version and it will automatically upgrade the software and Plugins

Install Citrix Receiver on Linux

You can follow this article to download and install the Citrix Receiver on Linux

Citrix Receiver for Chrome OS

The Citrix receiver software was recently launched for the new Chrome OS and now users can download the software for their Chromebooks
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