How to Scan "" QR Code to Login on Chrome

Web.Whatsapp.Com is the Desktop version of Whatsapp and to login scan the Whatsapp QR code from your Android phone to access the Whatsapp messenger from your PC. Open Chrome browser and go to and for logging in you need to scan the QR code with your smartphone.

How to Scan Whatsapp QR code from Phone

Visit the Web version of Whatapp messenger via the link given above and you are asked to scan the QR code to login, since Whatsapp needs your mobile number to verify your account.

In-order to scan the QR code, open the Whatsapp app on your phone and go menu and select the WhatsApp Web option and place your phone in front of the desktop screen such that the whole QR code is captured and once.

How to Login?, WhatsApp Web option is not Shown in the menu

Access Whatsapp from Google Chrome

If the Whatsapp web option is not being shown in the menu, you're probably using the old version of the Whatsapp messenger and the scan option is only available for phone's having the latest version of the app. 

How to Update Whatsapp?

You can either go to the "My Apps" section in Google Play Store and click the update button to update Whatsapp. After the new version is downloaded and installed, open Whats and follow the above steps to open the QR scanner. Currently iOS devices are not shown in the supported list.

What Devices are supported by Whatsapp Desktop version?

Currently except iOS other mobile operating systems Android, Blackberry, Blackberry 10, Nokia S60 and Windows Phone are supported.

How to get Whatsapp notifications on Web?

Once you login to Whatsapp on Chrome you can send and receive messages just like you do on your mobile phone and there is a option to turn ON the notifications so that Whatsapp can notify you when there are any updates from your friends.

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