10 Android Games to Play in Under 5 Minutes or less

You're out for a smoke? You have a few minutes left of your lunch break? You can spare five minutes between two interviews, and need your mind to switch off for a while? Well, this is the perfect time to play a game. But the time is short, so Clash of Clans is out of the question. What can you play?

If you want to play a quick game and keep it casual, consider one of these 10 titles you can play in five minutes or less.


When it comes to casual games, slot machines fit right the definition. And they are among the quickest slots games take under 1 minute. Slotomania is one of the most popular social games you can lay your hands on. And you can play it quicker than you would imagine.

Collapse Blast

If you like casual games, you have most likely tried the various "Collapse"games released by GameHouse. The "Blast" version of the game comes with bombs, power-ups and bonuses - and a timer that counts down from 1 minute.

Dumb Ways to Die

A collection of small, quick games that require just one thing from the player: to survive. Dumb Ways to Die comes with an insane amount of fun for lovers of morbid mobile games.

Sonic Dash

This game combines the quick action of "Rush" type games with the character development of MMOs. Playing through levels will grow your collection of rings, which you can spend on upgrades and power-ups.

Fruit Ninja

A classic game that has stood the test of time. Slice fruits as fast and possible by swiping on your screen. It never gets old.

Any Flappy Bird clone

No matter if they feature birds or any other type of animal, games that copy Flappy Bird's style are perfect for a quick break. Especially because they can be insanely hard to play.


A classic endless runner with a very short play cycle, perfect for when you want to kill a few minutes with a game.

Cut the Rope

This is a game that's hard to put aside, but it can provide quick stress relief (but can cause even more stress sometimes). It's a great puzzle game that you can play quickly, just don't get carried away!


One of my personal favorites! It is one of the fastest paced card games - a hand can be played in seconds. It's quick, it's fun, it's addictive...

Super Hexagon

One of the hardest casual games I've ever played! It tests your coordination skills to the extreme. Believe me, it's hard to survive more than 30 seconds in this game!

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