All In One Toolbox android app review

All In One Toolbox is an android app which has so many features like Junk cleaner, speed booster, CPU cooler, optimize installed apps and some more. This one app can be used  for so many ways to help your phone like i said above it can perform all above things and increase the performance of your phone. This is a free app you can download it from google play store. After this app installed it directly go to the app's interface and you don't have to sign up like other apps.

All in One Toolbox layout is very simple with blue and white colors and it is divided into two blocks, on top of it shows the performances of ROM, RAM and CPU and bottom block has a very good design  with a  cool water wave effect and in that it shows the Six tool options like clean, boost, toolbox, boost speed, CPU cooler, and file manager.

Junk cleaner 

One of the best thing in this app is it can cleans useless junk files like app leftover, app cache, temporary files, background processes, empty folders and more. This tool scans all those files with an amazing speed and shows you the result that how much size of junk files you got and then you can see a clean option button at  below and if you just tap on that but it can  delete those files and you can also manually select those files and delete them. This app is really helpful for the people who have only enough free space and this app remove those junk files and gives you the some free space. I also tested it on my smartphone and it shows the 678MB of junk files size and i cleaned them now i got some free space in my phone.

Speed Booster 

This Tool will helps you to stop unnecessary running tasks in your phone with just one click. If your phone is too slow then i strongly  recommends you to use this app it can stop those unnecessary tasks and increases phone speed so quickly.

CPU cooler

Today all most all smartphones are getting heated up so quickly and this will reduce the temperature of CPU by closing process. You just need to do one tap on that tool CPU cooler and it scans the phone and tells you how much of temperature does your phone have and also shows the apps which are running in your phone and it also mentions the stage of the temperature like if  temperature is normal it shows the " CPU temperature is normal" but if not it warns you. After it scans your phone at below it shows Cool Down so if your phone is not in normal stage just tap on Cool Down and it reduces the temperature this will really useful for your phone to cool down.


This Toolbox tool has some hot features and plugins includes with

Back up and Restore : With this tool you can backup installed apps or you can re install them.
App2sd : With this tool you can move apps from internal storage to SD card. 
Batch Installer & Uninstaller :  It can operate several apps at a same time.
System Uninstall : For Root devices. This tool is very helpful in smartphones containing unusable factory or manufacture apps. 
Boot Speedup : For Root devices. This tool will stops the background apps to start at the time of booting this can reduces the start up time. 
Startup Customize : With this tool you can customize apps 

Not only the above tools it has still so many other functions in this All in one toolbox app. Smartphones users must have this App. I strongly recommends this app for the android smartphone users for make their phones to much better with this app. 

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