Google Daydream VR Headset, Daydream Keyboard for VR now Available

Daydream is a Virtual Reality Platform which is developed by Google and it will be released in November 2016. This Deydream VR headset is the googles second Virtual reality Headset and it has been priced at Rs.5300/- ($79).This new Daydream VR platform is to be made within the android operating system beginning with the release of new Android 7.1 Nougat and that includes the both software and hardware configurations. Daydream VR headset is not applicable to all smartphones it needs a Daydream-Ready smartphones to make it work and it only work on new Android 7.1 operating system or higher . This Daydream VR will only work on new smartphones with particular components. Google revealed those eight hardware partners who will makes Daydream  Ready phones and they are ZTE, Asus, Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Alcatel and Xiaomi and among them the first Daydream Ready phone was the Axon 7 ZTE,Which was released in July 27 2016.

For strengthen it's virtual reality environment Google has released the Daydream Keyboard app for VR typing and you can download this new app from Google play store. This app is only suitable for the Daydream Ready phones that means this app will only work on pixel and pixel XL smartphones. This Daydream keyboard is the text entry in Daydream apps so that you must install this Daydream Keyboard app to make work some other Daydream apps and if you uninstall Daydream Keyboard app then some of the Daydream apps will not work and the images on google play store shows that the interface of the daydream keyboard app is a little different from normal keyboard apps.The Daydream has used some very good sensors with abilities like 9 axis IMUs for precision tracking, Bluetooth low energy, Wireless. This Daydream VR has the USB Type-C port which helps this device to charging fast. This Daydream comes up with a 220mAH Battery with a run time up to 12 hours. Daydream VR headset is very comfortable and google made this headset with lightweight, soft and breathable fabric so that you can feel more comfortable when you used and it is easy to wear and this headset comes up with a controller and both are designed to be easy to use and sensitive.

The Controller can be used to interact with the Virtual world by pressing buttons and waving the controller and this control can be used for the playing games, navigating menus.The daydream On board sensors are used to be track the location of the controller and estimated the place of the users hand and you can even stored this controller in your daydream headset while you are not using it.This Daydream VR headset available in three different colors which are Silver, Dark Red and Grey. You can remove the face pad and you can even wash the face pad to make it clean and fresh whenever you like. With this kind of VR you can feel some good gaming experience and 3D videos will makes you think that your at that place and all things are in front of you feels more realistic. 
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