Pinout Android App Review

PinOut is an Android and IOS mobile game app which is developed by Medicore. PinOut is an upgraded version of the classic game pinball and it is recreated by the developers who created the very famous android games like Smash hit, granny smith, Does Not Commute and other some very beautiful games,Medicore. This classic Pinball machine rebuilt into a magnificent arcade experience and especially the Neon light effects and background sounds are quite awesome. This game Design is very Brilliant and it is not simple to play. This game has very dark environment because of that the Neon lights are more efficient in that dark environment.  In this game you should have to control two flippers by tapping on right or left of the screen and a small that you have to hit about the place.

The Design of this game is very good and this game rules are very simple but it not easy to play. you can download this PinOut app from Play store for free. After you installed this game open it and then Medicore logo will appear and it is simply superb and after the logo disappears then a small box will pop up and it will ask you to enter your game ID name so just name it whatever word you got it on your mind and if that word is available then it will goes to the game menu or else it keeps asks you try again until the word is available. The game menu looks good and when you just tap on start button the game will start with some cool light effects with amazing background music.

When you Hit the start button  the ball will be ejected and in this game you have two controls right and left. If you tap on the right side of the screen then you can bounce the ball off from the right flapper and tap on left side of your screen for the left flapper. But in this game the most excite part comes from the time limit and at first you are given with 60 seconds but as long as you go through different levels then there are some ways to increase time limit and you can even see the time limit at the top middle so in this game every second counts. the timing is most important in this game because if you bounce the ball to the perfect places with those two controls then the ball will just go through places else the ball will hit the walls and comes down and you need to hit the ball again so it kills time and time is the main thing in this game. If you can't reach the destination within the 60 seconds then the Game is Over and you should have to start the game from the beginning and the goal of the game is to see how far can you go within the limit of the time.

Whenever you reached out the destination in given time the game will enter into a new color pinball machine and you will get your new destination point again. If you reached the destination before the given time,with some extra time, then that time will add to the next new session of the game. If you lost the game at any point then the game will start from the beginning unless if you have a Premium account, you have to purchase it, you can continue the game from where you lost. Apart from the controls what i really like about this game is the graphics. Pinball is one of the old classic games and so many people played this game at some point in their lives and if this game were to see yet another development then i would definitely say that PinOut is it.

For Android version you can download this app from the google play store for free and for IOS version you can download this from the iTunes App store.

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