5 awesome iPhone 7 plus Accessories you must have!

we all know how much big market for apple's iPhone's out there and these phones are very expensive compare to the android phones but still people want to buy these phones just because of these are the most secured phones than the android phones, easy to use and also iPhone's will gives you the best camera features and quality than any other smartphones and also there are so many gadgets are available for the iPhone's which will helps to iPhone's even look better and great and i want to mention 5 gadgets which you must have for the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus. 


It's really a big choice to choose between music and charging and if you wanna listen music you must charge your phone first until it's full so you guys might have wait for some time for that but don't worry guys here is the solution for that and it is Auxillite. with this thing you can have listen music and also charge your iPhone at the same time without having any worries. This device is in round shaped and it looks very cool and perfect design for iPhone. This device has two ports at each ends and one is for charging and another one is 3.5 mm audio jack and at middle you will see a connector port which connects your iPhone.


It is definitely a heartbreaking moment when you see your phone falls down from heights and ruptures on your phone especially on iPhone. iPhone's are expensive so we must have something to protect them and for that we have so many mobile cases which would protect our phones but among them one of the best one is Limitless which is designed by mous. It is a slim phone case with an amazing built quality and this will guard your phone when it falls down from heights or when some heavy things placed on the phone by accidentally and it won't let even a scratch on your phone. This one is designed with an advanced impact material which is called as Arrow Shock and this one has an unique  polymer which contains thousands of micro air pockets that can absorb the heavy impact so this will protect your phone from damages and not only that this case can be useful as a wall mount. 


It's really a annoying thing when you are at outside and hearing so many noises and it could be harmful for ears and we have been using headphones to overcome those sounds but still that is not enough we still hears those sounds even though we used headphones and here is the best solution and also a best earphone, Thunder. Thunder is the world's smallest noise cancelling earphone. This earphone would give iPhone users an active noise cancellation and also high fidelity quality sound, this surely an amazing technology and it is very strong enough to block out a jet engine noise. Read Full Review.

4. ZTYLUS Revolver kit 

It's really a wonderful thing to improve your iPhone's camera ability and of course iPhone offers some amazing camera features with awesome quality but with this,ZTYlus revolver kit, you can increase much more your iPhone's camera work. This device has a very unique design with some awesome textures. The most of the case made of a soft textured plastic which is a very similar to the DSLR camera. you can buy this product at price $40. Read Full Review.

5. INSTA 360 AIR 

capturing your moments with your phone's camera is always a great thing but capturing everything around you is even better. This gadget will offers you to record your best moments with a 360 degree view and also it got very powerful lens so that you can capture everything around you. All you need to to is attach this spherical gadget to your iPhone and of course the camera is very easy to use and also you can go live on social media with this camera. This gadget is super lightweight as weighing at only 26.5 grams so that it is very easy to carry any where. Insta 360 air is available in white, pink, silver, Gold and matte black colors. Read Full Review  

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