5 best apps like snapchat

5. Wickr

Wickr is an instant messenger app for Android and IOS and it is developed by the Wickr Inc. This app allows you to send free volatile and end to end encrypted messages in the form of pictures,texts,videos etc. This app secures the both send and receive messages, videos, pictures, audios and documents. this app is one of the very finest message secure app and so many reviewers gives the full marks on this app security. the messages sent from this app will be deleted after few minutes just as like snapchat. This app removes all records from messages and media. This app is available for free on google play store. Download and Install.

4. Google Allo

Google Allo is a Google's latest messaging service app, with this app you can do a lot more. This app has so many emojis and stickers so that you can express yourself better with these things and this app doesn't have any other camera or argument reality features. This app is very similar to the WhatsApp but it has some of snapchat features and this is definitely a good one for those who are searching for apps like snapchat. This app has a smart reply feature, with this you can reply to your messages without typing a word. This app has another good feature called Incognito mode, This will helps you to keep your chats private. you can get this app for free from google play store.Download and Install.

3. Face Swap

Face swap is one of the best app which is developed by the Microsoft Corporation and it is similar to the Snapchat,with this app you can take selfies and then you can turn your face into something else. This app has argument reality feature which is same as like snapchat.  This app doesn't show you any dog faces or dog tongues when you open your mouth. This app is very simple to use, all you need to do is take a slefie using this app's camera and take an image from camera roll or search an image from the web and then swap both images, these simple steps turns your pics to the next level. you can even add hair styles and some different fashions. you can download this app for free on google play store. Download and Install.

2. Instagram 

Instagram is one of the very popular app which works exactly same as like snapchat and facebook. it is an very easiest way to capture and share the moments.you can fallow your family and friends to see what they are up to, and you can join the communities of over 500 million people and you can share your feelings by posting all the moments. you can upload photos and videos on your instagram and they will automatically deleted after 24 hours and this app supports for live video feature. This app is available for free on google play store. Download and Install.

1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the leading social network and it gives you a lot of fun, and it is a little bit like snapchat. you can post pictures or videos and you friends can see them for the next 24 hours. you can also send your posts to the individuals. this app also supports for the live video feature. you can even play games on facebook and not only that you can play games with your friends by simply invite them. you can get this app for free on google play store. Download and Install.

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