5 Best Photography Apps for your Android Smartphone

photography app for android

Android smart phones are by definition open sourced, easy to use, sleek, app friendly and operational. However, most of them lack out on Camera quality. Nowadays, a good camera is just not enough; everyone expects a Canon or Nikon fitted into their smart phones. So what do you do if you own an Android smart phone and need photographic qualities and facilities that you would normally find on higher-end cameras? You just ‘App’ly yourself. With the intensity of competition in the smart phone industries growing rapidly, apps are now selling like pancakes. And thus, good combos of Photography apps will work sufficiently if not provide a better experience than the average DSLR.

Here are Five Featured Photography Apps that can work wonders on you Android Smartphone.

1. Flip, Crop, and Photoshop: Google Play offers premium Photoshop qualities on its brand new Photoshop Mobile App. Now, you can edit creatively with features like crop, straighten, rotate, flip and color adjustment. Filters and enhancements are also available on the app which can help develop even the worst of photos. Fine polishing is a new feature which gives good borders for your photos. What this app gives you is computer Photoshop quality on a phone, and is as revered and cherished as its brother on the computer.

2. Just got Photoid: This is app can be especially recommended to anyone with a good sense of humor. With funky new symbols and effects, Photoid on Google Play is a fun app where you can create your own frames, add new features, and adjust brightness, contrast and hues. The specialties of the app actually are the stickers, clipart, special effects and the option to upload the pictures onto Facebook or Flickr. Photoid is thus very efficient and also comes with a smile. The app is now available on all versions of the Android OS.

3. A DSLR called Camera360: Recognized as one of the Top 100 Technology Products according to PCWorld, Camera360 is a world class app with DSLR qualities attached to it. The app is available as a free app and also in a Premium version. The recently updated version has the user interface operations made easier, sharing of the photos is now very smooth, the features are much more refined and elegant and the management of the photos has been simplified. Another notable point is the speed of processing the photos which is the fastest among all apps. This makes Camera360 worth the money when it comes to the premium version because the app operates exactly like a DSLR.

4. Zoom ahead with Camera Zoom FX: This is probably one of the most loaded apps with features that are central to its value. Some of the special mentions include an excellent optical zoom, customised hardware buttons, one-click upload and Stable Shot. A timer, voice activated shot, Burst Mode and Collage with Time Lapse are also very useful. Animated shutter and random special effects with an easier process of importing the existing photos on the phone are all highly appreciated services that are unique only to Camera Zoom FX. It is also the fastest Android camera app for up to ten shots per second with certain special effects. This is why Camera Zoom FX is a must buy.

5. No effect like Photo Effect: Apps that are functional, smooth and available for all versions of Android OS are very rare and often avoided by all. But here is one app that can do all of the above and will ensure that everyone has it on their phones. Instant previews and chaining of all multiple effects and a spontaneous photo editor are Photo Effect’s call cards. It creates a history of all photos, sharing onto any social network platform and a multitude of photo effects are rapidly making this app very popular.  It was one of the top downloads of 2012 and still continues to be downloaded by most Android users and not necessarily on the higher end phones. 

The icing on the cake is that if anyone finds it tough to select any one of these magnificent apps, then they need not worry. The charms about apps are that you can download as many apps as you want to and operate all of them to suit all your needs. A combination of all of the above will ensure a top-class photography experience like no other. Don’t delay it, and go get these apps on your android phones.
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