5 Best Android "RTS" games of 2013

RTS android Game


List of Best Real-Time Strategy(RTS) Android Games

1) Android RTS Game: Pirates! Showdown

The RTS game features intense pirate battles where you apply various defense tactics to capture the enemies base to win.

Price: $ 2.99

Download Pirates! Showdown: Google Play

2) Android RTS Game: Ant Warz

Ant Warz is an interesting game where you control a colony of Ants by performing tasks like gathering food,expanding you colony and defending yourself from the human invasion.

Price: Free

Download Ant Warz: Google Play

3) Android RTS Game:Townsmen

Townsmen is a fun RTS game to play on your Android phone or Tablet.

Price: Free

Download Townsmen: Google Play

android rts game4) Android RTS Game: Modern Conflict 2

The military based tactical strategy game features a multiplayer mode where you can participate in online battles or challenge your friends.

Price: Free

Download Modern Conflict 2: Google Play

5) Android RTS Game: Strikefleet Omega

This addicting real-time strategy game comes with over a 100 challenging levels to play.

Price: Free

Download Strikefleet Omega: Google Play

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