5 Best Android HD Games of 2013

Best HD games to play on your Android Smartphone

Update: Here is a updated list of best Android HD games of 2014

1.) Android HD Game: Real Racing 2

Overview: Real Racing 2 is one of the finest HD racing games available for Android that comes with immersive graphics and realistic gameplay.

Price: $ 5.81

Downlod: Real Racing 2 for Android 

2.) Android HD Game: Astro Shark HD

Overview: Astro Shark HD is a cool story based game with beautiful HD graphics.

Price: $ 0.99

Download: Astro Shark HD for Android

3.) Android HD Game: GRave Defense HD

Overview: GRave is one of the best Android tower defence game with an addictive gameplay and some cool graphics.

Price: Free

Download: GRave Defense HD for Android

4.) Android HD Game: The Conduit HD

Overview: The game packs all the elements of a good FPS(First-Person Shooter) game but only first two levels of the game are free.

Price: Free

Download: The Conduit HD for Android

5.) Android HD Game:Six-Guns

Overview: This third person shooter game might impress most of the fans of western games.

Price: Free

Download: Six-Guns for Android
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