5 Best Android To-Do list Apps of 2013

ToDo list Apps for Android are the best way to boost your productivity and stay organized right on your Android Phone or Tablet,With ToDo list apps you can remember and keep track of the tasks that you want to do.

A perfect to-do list app should be productive,easy to use and must allow the user to effectively manage his/her notes,tasks and ideas.

Best Android To-Do list Apps

1.) Google Keep is a allinone to-do app that is available across various platforms.

Price: Free    Download: Google Keep on Google Play

2.) Astrid is a award winning and popular to-do list app with a clean layout.

Price: Free    Download: Astrid on Google Play              

3.) Any.DO is a beautiful to-do app that comes with useful features like Speech recognition,Google Task Sync and support for multiple languages.

Price: Free    Download: Any.DO on Google Play

4.) Wunderlist is a powerful productivity app available on multiple platforms such as Android,iOS and Web.

Price: Free    Download: Wunderlist on Google Play

5.) Do it (Tomorrow) comes is the fastest to-do app with a cool interface and there is also a chrome extension to manage your lists from Chrome browser.

Price: Free    Download: Do it(Tomorrow) on Google Play
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