Labato Galaxy S4 Brown Case(JS-IP5-03H10) Review, Best Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Labato, a company which produces cases for mobile devices includes all the latest Smartphones from different brands like Samsung, LG, Sony and Others. The company also produces cases for Apple's iPhone and iPad.

Here, in the review we bring you the review of Labato's fine leather case for Samsung Galaxy S4. The Labato S4 case is a fine handmade genuine leather case which has a back panel attached to it and replaces the original Galaxy S4's back panel and fits exactly the same as that of the original panel.

Lobato case

As the case is specifically designed for Galaxy S4, the back part of the panel is completely covered with fine leather leaving the portion for phone speakers and camera. And in the top front, the case has a cut of rectangular portion which is used for phone's activities like answering the call and for quick notifications and a logo at bottom right on the front portion of the case. Also small circular cuts are left for front speakers which enables users to speak during calls without having to open the front cover.

Lobato case

As the case is built in fine and genuine leather, it gives a smooth feel to the palms also providing sufficient grip for holding and a fine classy look to the phone.  

Lobato case

Why we consider this case as the best protection for your Samsung Galaxy s4

1. Protects both front and back parts of the phone from external damage to an extent. > As the panel is completely made of leather, there is absolutely no chance of the screen getting scratches from the case.

2. Fine and Smooth leather gives you enough grip to hold the case which prevents the phone from slipping out of your hands.

3. Once the case is attached to the device, the screen turns on automatically whenever the front cover is opened to view the screen and when closed, the phone automatically goes to sleep mode which helps in saving battery and auto end activities.

4. Cut off the top front part of the panel provides you to access quick info about time, date and notifications. Also, incoming calls can directly answered by swiping through the panel.

5. The case isn't attached with any magnet, so there won't be any interruption of phone activities by magnetic waves.

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