The Top 5 PAYG Phone Gifts for Christmas 2013

Smartphones make for fantastic Christmas gifts, particularly those on pay as you go that can be bought upfront without committing to a year-long contract. However, buying a new phone for someone else is never easy. To help you out as you start the search for a smartphone for your friend, family member or loved one, here are some of the best, and the best value, pay as you go (PAYG) smartphones.

1. Apple iPhone 5S. If you have more money to spend and you really want to get the best available, the Apple iPhone 5S is the smartphone for you. There’s a reason it comes top of smartphone polls and is one of the world’s best-selling devices – the iPhone 5S offers exceptional performance, amazing features and there isn’t really anything it can’t do. However, you may need to combine Christmas and birthday presents in one to be able to afford this particular festive gift.

2. Nokia Lumia 625. This device, which runs the critically acclaimed Windows Phone 8 system and also has access to 4G speeds when available, may cost more than its budget cousin, the Lumia 520. However, what the Nokia Lumia 625 promises is a future-proof device with a big, bright screen, a brilliant camera and a price that won’t break the bank.

3. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. If the high-end Samsung Galaxy S4 is simply too costly (and it is a pricy handset), why not get all of the device’s exceptional features in a smaller package, and with a much smaller price tag, by opting for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini?

4. HTC One Mini. Using a similar strategy on Christmas gift-buying as with the Galaxy S4 Mini, the ‘Mini’ version of the market-leading HTC One will make a fantastic gift as well as saving you money. The only sacrifice is screen size and quality, but the HTC One Mini is still a fantastic model that offers you great value for money.

5. BlackBerry Q5. If the intended recipient of your gift loves texting, messaging and social networks, the BlackBerry Q5 is a great choice. It isn’t too costly, it looks great and it also has all the best features of any top-end smartphone.
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