Download Wondershare Mobilego for Android

Wondershare Mobilego for Android

I got up with the wondershare Mobilego for android application while I am on hunt for the best backup and mobile managing application. I searched and tried many similar versions of applications like wondershare Mobilego for android, but none of them are fast and worthy enough for my tasks. I am looking for some fast and reliable programs which can make my work easier and less complicated, which is what I got from using Wondershare Mobilego for Android.

Coming to the application, like every time wonershare made wonders with this new application which is easy- to- install, you just need a few simple clicks. The best thing about this application is the multiple uses or features which made me to delete many other applications, saving me space and time. You can do a lot of things with this app, but all I need for now is the backup and restore feature along with the mobile managing feature.

Things I did after installing the app:

1. At first I selected the USB debugging mode that is available in the developer options in my mobile.
Note: If you don’t know where to set these settings, you simply connect your phone to the PC and open the app where you can see different android versions. Select your android OS version and the steps will be presented to you.

2. After this easy step, I connected my phone and voila, the next thing I know is my phone data is backed up and within few minutes I transferred all my pics to the PC, which surely takes quite a lot time.
Backup and restore feature:

Backing up my data is very important to me. I am a busy person with lots of detailed schedules in my calendar. I also need all my messages and contacts. I cannot afford to lose any of these things and the Wondershare Mobilego for android application came to my rescue. The best thing is that the app backed up all my data like a smooth breeze without any complications. Now, I am relieved and happy to know that I backed up my data.

Managing my mobile:

Let me tell you from my experience that transferring photos, videos and other data from SD card or phone memory is pain in the ass. It takes forever to transfer small sized video without any third party application and the worst thing that can happen while transferring files is losing the connection. Sometimes, I have trouble in opening the folders in my phone directly in PC, not to mention that it will take time- I mean a hell lot of time.

I tried the manage feature in the application and I am shocked to see that all my photos and videos from last trip/vacation are transferred to my PC within few minutes, without any delays, loss of connections or something else. Wondershare made my life easier and worked wonders with my phone data. I am really going to try other applications from wondershare.

All this work I did with the app is by installing the free or demo version. Cool isn’t it? but if you need to do much more than that then you must buy the software directly from their website or from the android play store for 39.95$, which in my opinion is quite less.
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