Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specification, Release Date and Rumours

Just close your eyes and imagine you being the master of this whole galaxy. The mere thought brings a feeling of ecstasy and the feeling of being a master. You will have the same feeling when you own the Samsung galaxy Note 4. Let us not jump into the specifications of this unique smart phone. Instead first let us spend a few minutes trying to understand the importance of owning a smart phone.

Why a smart phone? How is it different from any mother ordinary mobile phone? These are some questions which are still asked by many of us. A phone is used basically for two reasons, first is for receiving and making calls and second is for sending and receiving messages. All the added features like emailing, e-reader, social networking are just a luxury and we are making ourselves addicted to it. But smart phones give you the advantage of not carrying extra gadgets for each and every feature like web browsing, mails, e reading, etc.

Galaxy Note 4 Concept

Galaxy Note 4 Specification

Now that we have understood the importance of owning a smart phone, let us try to understand the importance of owning an intelligent smart phone. In other words, see the importance of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes in a great size and has a very nice view. The HD LED screen is brilliant. It has got a rugged yet slim built and is resistant to instant impacts. The best part of it is that it is waterproof and has a good skin.

The Android interface on the Galaxy Note 4 is user friendly and you get the option of jelly bean getting installed if it is not installed already. You also have live chat support facility provided exclusively by Samsung to hand hold you through the whole settings and guidance.

If you are a gamer or an avid reader then this is the perfect handset for you. It also makes the web browsing experience a unique experience. Apart from that you have a wonderful recorder which helps you unleash the musician inside you. You get the option of having 2G, 3G and 4G networking facility in your phone and the internal memory has 16/32 GB storage capacity and has 1 GB RAM.. It has Dual-core 1.4 Ghz ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, It basically comes in three colors that is black, white and pink.

But there are no perfect masterpieces in this world. Like every other masterpiece even Samsung galaxy Note 4 has some flaws. The stylus is not very handy as you cannot draw or write very precisely. Battery life is not very good and most of the charge is taken up by the huge output on the fantastic HD LED screen.

In a nutshell you can say that if you are willing to travel light and not carry too many gadgets like a tablet and a smart phone then Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a must have for you. It is small enough to be used as a phone and large enough to replace your tablet.

Galaxy Note 4 Release Date

The launch date of the much awaited Samsung galaxy note 4 isn't officially announced yet but according to sources Samsung is planning to release the phone in September 2014.
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