How iPhone tracker app can be your private eye?

Ever thought of hiring a private eye these days? Not only it can be risky enough but expensive nevertheless. How about an iPhone tracker being your private eye? Trust me; it’s a better bargain! Read on to find yourself.

What is an iPhone tracking app?

An iPhone tracking app is software that you can install into an iPhone that you have a right to monitor and then remotely get access to all contents saved on the phone and the location stats about the iPhone. You can track SMS, calls, multimedia, Web browsing sessions and whereabouts of the target iPhone holder from your own laptop, PC or tablet.

How to get a reliable app?

IPhone tracking software is fast getting popular as number of parents and employers are getting such software for parental and employee management. But when it comes to iPhone tracking, not every tracking app is worth the deal. Some are too expensive but have little value while some are simply too complicated. I had to switch three spying apps before I finally got what I was looking for.

This spying app is certainly my no.1 choice

I settled for StealthGenie mainly because it:
  •  Has 24/7 customer support
  •  Offers free updates
  •  Is compatible with all iOS even the latest iOS 6
  •  Also runs smooth on all iPads
  •  Is 100% stealth
  •  Remains hidden on the target iPhone

How to make it work for you

StealthGenie is great to monitor an iPhone with. All you need to get the iPhone in your hand to install the app and that’s all. After that you can check all phone usage and whereabouts remotely! But don’t forget to jailbreak the iPhone first. It’s no big deal and perfectly safe.
As you get done with the setup and installation, you can easily track:
  •  SMS and calls
  •  IMessage WhatsApp and Skype chats
  •  BBM and Facebook messages on iPhone
  •  Geo-location and Geo-tracking

Say bye-bye to all parental worries!

So StealthGenie can very well be your private eye and that too at very minimal rates. You can start spying on any iPhone for as low as $8/ month! So let you teens or employees have free space because you’re there to keep an eye on their activities! This iPhone tracker won’t let you down!
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