Benji Bananas for PC(Windows, Mac) and Blackberry

Benji Bananas for PC: Benji bananas is a adventure game which features a monkey and its funny adventures in a forest where obstacles await on every single step. the whole plots move around how the monkey survives in the forest enjoying everyday and exploring new places.  

Download Benji Bananas for Android on Google Play 

Download Benji Bananas for iPhone and iPad on iTunes 


1. Simple but fun Gameplay which uses physics to swings from one rope to other.

2. Beautiful colors with its natural background and graphics.

3. Collect coin and chills to upgrade new features.

4. Special power ups like jet pack and much more 

How to Play Benji bananas 

1. Tap and hold to make the monkey grab the rope.

2. After garbing the rope wait for the right moment while swinging to release and grab other rope.

3. The monkey swings from rope to rope and collects Bananas to earn new upgrades and special powers at the same time trying to go as far as possible without dying.The types of ropes on which monkey swings are Vine,snakes,burning ropes

4. Run to the various landscape(Temple Ruins ,Waterfalls and Jungle) and explore more

Download Benji Bananas for PC

Benji Benjamas isn't available for PC but you can download a app player software called Bluestacks, You can download Bluestacks for both Windows and Mac from here

After installing, open Bluestacks and search for "Benji Bananas" and install the game. If you can't find the game then, you can download Benji Bananas APK and open it using Bluestacks and you can also play the game on your Blackberry device through the APK.

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