One Game to Rule them All. Platforms, I Mean

Were you ever excited about an upcoming game, that you couldn't wait to lay your hands on... only to find out it was exclusive to the mobile OS you don't have? I was - and I was extremely frustrated. Gaming consoles compete for the exclusivity of some exciting titles because they want to raise their sales this way, but when it comes to smartphones, the reason is different: revenues. Most developers release their games on one platform only, or first, to appeal to players with higher revenues, more likely to make in-app purchases. Which is, again, a frustrating habit.

A man with a special taste

My tastes in games are easy to appeal to: give me a game with reels and wins (meaning slot machines), and I'm OK. But when it comes to game quality and ease of use, I'm not an easy man. That's why I played through all games in social casinos quickly, and was looking for more - more quality, more variety, and especially more flexibility. And that's how I found the All Slots Online Casino at

Gaming for real money?

Well, not quite. Of course, the All Slots Casino is primarily a real money online gaming destination, but that's not what attracted me to it. And its generous bonuses and attractive specials weren't the reason either. What turned me into an instant fan was the amazing library of games it offered me to play on the go.

You see, the All Slots Casino doesn't have a native app for any of today's leading platforms. Instead, it has chosen another path: it has released a web app that runs on any of them. Accessing it is simple: you point your smartphone's browser to the All Slots Casino website, log on, and start playing instantly with over 100 games. Whether you play them for real money, or free, is up to you.

The story continues on desktop

Social casinos have the same game library on desktop computers and mobile devices. But not the All Slots Casino: its collection of over 100 mobile games is joined by hundreds more. You don't need a separate account, either - you can use the one you created on your mobile. Simply log on, choose "practice mode" and play free. Or make a deposit, and give Lady Luck a chance to put some cash into your pockets.

Honest, fair gaming

Given the strict regulations they need to comply with, online casinos dealing in real money games will always be completely fair. Which is not the case of social casinos, which will make more money off you if you lose more. I'm not saying social slots are rigged, but they could be, as there are no rules against bending the odds in the publishers' favor...
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