Top 3 free and paid spying apps for Android

If you are after someone’s secrets, this could be your chance to know how you can get your hands onto them, because we will be covering top 3 free and paid spying apps for Android. Check out which one suits you the best.

1 .Cell Tracker (Free)

This app is considered a great tool to monitor someone’s location. This is a free solution for someone who wants to keep tabs on their target person’s whereabouts. However, the app doesn’t provide real-time location tracking. This is a basic level app that’s available for free on Android.

When you click “View Now” button on the app, you get access to all the previously visited places by the target person. It’s easy to use and even provides mapping. This app could be great for delivery businesses who want to track their employees’ location. There are more than 500,000 downloads of this app on the PlayStore already and the reviews are quite positive.

The only downside is that it’s primarily a GPS tracker, but you can also track call logs and phonebook entries, and web browsing history of the monitored users with Cell Tracker.

 2 .iKeyMonitor Android Full (Paid)

iKeyMonitor Android isn’t one of the most famous spying apps for Android, but we found out that this app is certainly very accurate. You can track SMS and calls logs, websites visited, chat messages (Facebook, WhatsApp Viber, Line, Hangouts, Kik, Skype), internet browsing history and GPS location.

What’s great about this app is that it works very effectively. There are also certain other features of this app that are worth mentioning, like the Remote Screenshot that can take screenshots on the target device from the app’s website.

And finally, if you are up for something very sinister, this app can trace keystrokes and passwords too, but all this at a hefty price of $39.95/month. Is iKeyMonitor Android Full worth your money? Let’s find it out after reviewing the final app on our list.

2 .XNSPY (Paid)

I would like to spend a little more time with this app, because it’s an archetype of what a spy app should look like. It’s cheap, accurate and easy to use and has great monitoring features.

XNSPY has a GPS tracker that doesn’t just get you the location history logs, but also the real-time location. You can also geofence the target person to keep posted with certain watchlist locations. The app has watchlist alerts that makes it perfect for spying on anyone. You won’t have to target each and every phone log with this feature. Simply add all those words, contacts and locations that you want to be notified on the target device, and you will be provided alert notifications for any related activity.

How else is XNSPY different from other spying apps for Android? Well, this one has a custom Dashboard app for Android users. While the aforementioned and many other apps require a webpage-based control panel, xnspy has both—a mobile app and a fully customised online control panel. You can use the Dashboard app to access phone logs, to renew your subscription or to edit your profile.

This app also offers extensive social media activity. So you always stay informed about target person’s chats, call logs and multimedia from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Line, Skype, kik, and Viber.

With the app’s remote commands, you can take a screenshot, remotely wipe data or even lock/unlock the target Android device. You get all this and tons of other features just for a price of $8.33/month which is extremely amazing.

The Verdict—which one to go for?
While the answer to the above question is subjective to your spying needs, but if you are planning to get a paid app, XNSPY is probably a much better option. These are the reasons why xnspy is better than the rest.

·       Cheapest subscription fee of just $8.33/month
·         Extensive and powerful features
·         GPS tracking is advanced and accurate
·         XNSPY Dashboard is is one-of-a-kind app for on-the-go spying
·         It can spy on Tinder dating app
·         Easy to use
·         100% discrete
·         Great customer support

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