Mafia 3 Game Perfect review

Mafia 3 is an action adventure game which is developed by hangar 13 and published by 2kgames and this game was released in October 7th 2016 for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox one. This game is third series from the mafia series franchise and this game start in 1968 at the city of New Bordeaux. Here in this game the story whirls around Lincoln clay who is an orphan and a Vietnam war soldier and he is on search to build a new mafia organization to challenge the Italian mob, who are murdered his friends. Compared to the previous mafia 1 and mafia 2 games this game has bigger open world map. This game's map is made up with ten different district maps : Delray hollow, Frisco Fields, Tickfaw harbour, River Row, French ward, Bayou Fantom, Barclay mills, Pointe verdun, Southdowns and Downtown.

This game is a third person action shooting game and here players controls the Lincoln Clay character. In this game you can use guns like pistols, shotguns, rifles, and snipers and you can also use explosive things like grenades and Molotov Cocktail. you can take these weapons from enemy troops or you can buy them. While fighting with enemy troops you can also call for backup from friends. In this game stealth kill techniques are awesome and you can also interrogate enemy leaders after defeating them in order to gain more information and you can also overrun the enemies places.

This game set in the 1968 so that environment, cars, dress and all in this game are exactly be look like that you are in 1960's. Most importantly the cars they are exactly like old cars and even the sound of the cars while you are driving and speed of the car are superb  good and we can not see any technology stuffs. But surely this game is a good action shooting game. But we can not compare this game to GTA 5 or watch dogs because those games set in present technology so that we can see more effects in the games but this game sets in 1968 so that we can not see much of high end graphic experience. Graphically this game is not at the best but surely a good game and as long as this is a third series from the MAFIA series this game is getting very popular. This game allows you to use weapons but limited to the bullets so that the game would be difficult at some times and you need to count your bullets and don't waste them.

 Finally, This is one of the game that so many gamer's are waited for so long and it is finally here and this game is very good when it comes to action shooting but graphically not good so that this game didn't get much reviews from the game review sites but still this game is got some very good action sequences.

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