Aragami pc game review, stealth fans will love this game

Aragami is a ninja action stealth game which was released in October 4th 2016 for Microsoft windows and playstation 4 and it is developed by Lince works and published by Maximum Games. Aragami game was firstly titled as Twin souls the path of the shadows.Here in this game players will plays the role of Aragami, He is a ninja assassin and he has some superb supernatural abilities. Here in this game the player can teleport between shadows to shadows and he will tackle with enemies army and they are called by the name of "Kaiho". These army of people are so strong and they has the power to control the light. Here these enemy warriors attacks you with their strong weapon and they will need just one blow to finish you off in an instant so avoid to face the enemies directly and kill them with your stealth skills and avoid light and just move in between shadows. 

The story of this game is quite simple it is a revenge story and we have seen many revengeful story games but only difference in this game is our player character is a spirit so that he got some supernatural abilities. you can even upgrade your powers and for that you will need to find scrolls which are can found in the environment of the game and with upgrade your skills you can get even more powerful so that you can face enemies army easily. At your back there is symbol it fills with light if you keep moving in between shadow to shadow that light will despair so that you can not use it again and you just need to refill that symbol with light to do that you need to stay in shadow and automatically that symbol fills with light. This game has some checkpoints and whenever you finished those checkpoints it will gives you the grade about your gameplay and also shows you how much time did you take to finished it and how many enemies did you killed so it will gives you all those information's.

In this game you need to be careful and you just need to be kill enemies in the shadows if they will finds about you they will triggers the alarm so that the enemies who are around you will get alert and they will start search for you and you just need to hide in the shadows if they can not find you then they will stop searching and once again they will walk freely  and then you have to kill them with your abilities if they catch you that means it is game over. Graphically this game is wonderful but environment is not quite good and all characters are in cartoonist look and our main character is awesome but  enemy troops are not that they look just ok to me but as long as they are some kind of samurais or whatever they must look some more cruel. background music is also quite good but i don't like the voices. But this game is surely an awesome stealth game and gamers will like this game. Animation , character designing and lighting are quite good but expecting some boss fights at every check points but  may be there is no need for them.

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