Mobizen : Completely control your android from computer, Anywhere

Mobizen is an android app which can helps you to control your smartphones or tablets from computer anywhere either USB or WiFi But connecting through USB is much faster and smother with no lag and whereas connecting through Wifi has slightly lag and depends on your network connection speed. This app is developed and published by RSUPPORT CO.LTD and this app is a free app you can download it from google play store. Mobizen is a must have app and it is really helpful for the people who got daily busy schedules and who can not look up into their phones while there are busy at work and This app helps them to operate their phones  through PC so that they don't need to pick up their phones.

Mobizen app has so many amazing features and this app makes your presentations to the completely new level. you can give presentations through your phone from anywhere and this app allows you to mirror your phone device to some large screen and with help of the on screen drawing tool you can enhance the effectiveness of any kind of presentations and you can make screenshots and even you can record a Videos in HD quality. You can even transfer files from phone to your PC and same as like PC to the phone just like share it app but it is more than share it app. this app allows you to record your screen without need to root the device. This app setup is so simple first you need to download and install this app in your phone later you need also to install this app in your windows pc or mac pc you can download this from here Mobizen and you need to sign in first or you can sign in with using your facebook or google+ accounts.

This app got so many features and one of the best among is Screen Recording. With the help of this feature you can record your phone screen and especially the mobile gamer's will like this feature so that they can record their game-plays in FULL HD quality and they even can edit their game-plays and and they can share it to the people via Youtube,vimeo etc as you can see today so many people are earning their money through uploading game-plays. This app allows you to watch videos and listening music to your pc and there is no longer need to transfer files you can directly stream mobile videos to a large screen and you can also share with your friends.It can easily receives all phone notifications on your pc and you can also choose which one you would want to react to at the click of the mouse.You need have  android v4.4  or higher version to run this app.

I strongly recommends this app for the people who having a busy schedules and who can't even pick up their phones at office and the people who wants to upload their mobile gaming videos to youtube and people who gives more  presentations and this app surely the best android app it got so many nice features especially that screen recording feature is on different level.

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