PS4 Pro perfect review

2013 was an amazing year for the gamers. the xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 were the best gaming platforms of Microsoft and Sony and Sony released PlayStation 4 in November 15,2013 which is very popular throughout the world. Even Sony also not realized how outstanding that PS4 would be,in just three years over 40 million PlayStation 4 units sold and just this figure will shows you that how popular it was. Now Sony launched new PS4 pro console which is an upgraded version to the PS4 console but it is not a new generation console which is why they named it PS4 pro instead of PS5. PlayStation 4 Pro design to give a tough competition to the gaming devices such as like Xbox One, Xbox One S, PC, Smartphones, Handheld consoles and Wii U. Most of these consoles are the low end to mid range graphics consoles but the PS4 Pro is placed as the High End Graphic experience console and there is a support for the HDR, 4K 2160p Resolution, Higher frame rate and Enhanced Virtual Reality.

PlayStation 4 Pro console came up with a power plug cable, HDMI cable, a micro USB cable, Sony's Headset and a DualShock 4 controller. you can see a light bar on the controller and it has been modified so that you can see which light color is emitting from it while playing games without having to turn it. Even though it is a wireless controller you can still connect this Dualshock 4 controller to the PS4 slim, PS4, PS4 pro via USB cable. PS4 pro design is completely different than the PS4 except it's dark color but it has an excellent design. Games like Rise of the Tomb rider and Shadow of the Mordor are the best example games which are taking a big advantage of PS4 Pro's Higher frame rate, Graphics and horse power. PS4 pro has the Graphical options so that you can change the graphic options if you want.

If you see the specifications both PS4 and PS4 Pro specs are almost equal except PS4 pro got the better GPU. PS4 pro has the x64-x86 AMD jaguar 8 cores processor and It has the 4.20 TFLOPS an AMD radeon graphics processor with a DDR5 8GB memory. comes to the storage,it has the 1TB internal storage which is very useful to store more games. PS4 pro supports for Blu-Ray DVD's just as like PS4 so that you can even watch movies but only supports for Blu-Ray DVD. compare to PS4 this device is little bigger and also more weight,3.3kg. comes to the connectivity options, this console has an Ethernet port, three super speed USB 3.1 port, one AUX port, Bluetooth v4.0 and one HDMI which supports for 4K and HDR. PS4 pro is not yet released in India and they planned to released it in January 2017 but approximately the price will be Rs.39,990/-.

If you don't have a PS4 console and planned to buy one then i recommends this new PS4 Pro console. Even though it is expensive then the PS4 but still it will gives the best gaming experience then the PS4 and PS4 output games comes at low resolution but PS4 supports for the 4K so that the quality of the game will be at it peaks on the 4K TV's.Not only this one still it got some of other advantages also which are so great.
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