Top free VR apps for Google Cardboard

VR is now getting very popular throughout the world and Google Cardboard is one of the best among other VR headsets, Gear VR, HTC Vivo, PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift, cause of it's affordable price. Anyone who has handled to pick one up are no question they will sure looking for some amazing apps to use for VR and here are the some of the best apps for Google Cardboard VR. 

CardBoard : 

This app is one of the best and must have VR app for Google Cardboard uses.It comes up with some amazing VR experiences which includes with Photo sphere, Google Earth, a built in video player, a tour through Versailles,Exhibit and Arctic Journey. This app has a directory of games and VR apps that makes a lot easier to find new stuffs. If you want this app then just click on below Download Now button, This is a free VR app for Google Cardboard. 

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Fulldive VR: 

Fulldive app is a virtual reality navigation platform. This app is also a social platform which means it allows you to see what your friends play and watch, and also you can even share your favorite videos.This app has supported for watching 3D and 360 videos and photos and you can even browse the internet. There is also a photo gallery, Camera, and browse for more VR games and apps and a market place to collect VR images. This is also one of the best VR app and it is worth to try it out and this app is a free app. This app has more than 500 games and over one million videos and this count is increasing every day.If you want to download this app then just click on the Below Download Now button. 

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Cardboard camera:

Cardboard Camera is also another must have VR app for Google cardboard that can be a lot of entertainment. This app is very easy to use and you don't have to sign up for accounts. This app allows you to take VR photos, these VR photos will let you experience surrounding and sound in every direction of the image and in 3D so that it makes far objects look far and near object look near.It is really a great experience for family vacations, i mean just imagine if you take pictures with your family at out side beautiful area and when you see those pictures in VR and it definitely makes you feel like real. If you want to install this VR app then just click on the Download Now button below. 

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AAA VR Cinema: 

VR cinmea app is a VR video player which allows you to play stored videos on your device and this app is also very easy to use. first you need to put a video on your device and then use this VR cinema app to play it. This app features a 360 degree and 180 degree video support, NAS support, head tracking, supports for unlimited video length, supports for side by side and top- bottom 3D videos, graphic options and there are still some best features which makes this app at it's best. It is a free app and if you want to download this one then click the below Download Now button. 

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Google Street View: 

Google street view is nothing but the Google Maps and now it is supported for the VR devices. This app works as good as google maps and it has provided people such as 360 degree views of landmarks, addresses, roads and also other places. With this Google street view app you can discover much better then the google maps because with this app now you can step into the locations such as like restaurants, museums, arenas, buildings and even houses.  This app will allows you to view the contents which posted by other people and even it provides your own content if you wanted to. This one of the best VR app and it is free, If you want this app then just click on Download Now button. 

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