Call of duty Infinite warfare game review : Best game ever

Call of duty infinite warfare is a first person shooting game which is published by Activision and developed by Infinity ward. This games was released for the Xbox one, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows on November 4, 2016. It is the thirteenth game in the call of duty series and here the player will take the control of the Nick Reyes, captain of the  Special Combat Air Recon. This game development was began in 2014 and this game continuous around a battle for solar system.The people who are attempting to take over the solar system is Settlement defense front (SDF), a hateful force who are the main enemies and people who tries to stop the enemy troops are the special combat air recon (SCAR) and you are the captain of the SCAR. This game's announcement trailer didn't got the best response in fact it became the second most disliked video at that time but now it got the tremendous response from all over world and so many sites gave the positive ratings for this game.

The story sets in the year 2080, a UNSA special team is ordered to examine a SDF attack and get back a prototype weapon before it's going to settling the facility's self destruct but unfortunately the team is able to destroy the facility but it fails to recover the weapon and the weapon is captured by the SDF and the one who commands this SDF team force is Admiral Kotch. Reyes tells admiral raines that the SDF attack is equal to a declaration of war so that the UNSA should be prepare for a counterattack but Raines clarifies that the leaders of UNSA do not want to worsen the situation, more than ever right through the Fleet week celebrations where the whole UNSA fleet gathers at Geneva. While in the celebrations he meets up with his new subordinate Ethan, a Robot, as well as  his wing-man salter. But all of a sudden the UNSA's AATIS defense cannons starts to open fire on the UNSA fleet however reyes accomplish to fight his way to the AATIS tower and then he achieve to shutdown the AATIS cannons and he also captures the Riah, the one who is behind the Cannons launch and a secret SDF spy agent.

Then Reyes escorts the remaining UNSA ships into the orbit but suddenly the Olympus mons,enemies flagship, appears and destroys the some more UNSA ships before it's retreat. Now UNSA has only two working ships:The Destroyer Tigris and The carrier Retribution. Reyes finds out that the both ship captains were executed in battle and since he is the highest ranking officer of the ship makes him as  the captain of the ship and also admiral raines promotes him to commander and Raines gives orders to the reyes so that you just follow the Admiral Raines and he keep fights with the enemy troops with the help of your subordinates Salter, Ethan and also some other UNSA fighters. This is the plot of the call of duty infinite warfare. With this game you can really experience a new kinda gaming especially the graphics are awesome and the plot is good. In this game you need to fight the enemy troops in the solar system and you can command to your ship to go the other planets to rescue your crew and to stops the SDF troops.

The Designing of the solar system and planets is really an amazing work by Artists and they showed perfectly well in difference at in each planet's environment like gravity, weather etc. In this game players armed with a grappling Hook and a boost pack which let players to move easily even in the zero gravity environments. when the game placed in space the players can visit Asteroids, different planets and satellites in the solar system. since Nick Reyes is a pilot, players can involve in aerial battle with enemy troops with the help of his aircraft fighter, The Jackal. there is no limitation to control the jackal you can freely move and it is very is to control it and you can even upgrade the jackal. Reyes has a wrist computer which lets him to hack into enemies robots and gadgets and it can also helpful to call backup force when you having some serious situations. This game has two new difficult modes YOLO and Specialist. In the YOLO mode, If you die in the game you need to restart the game instead of playing from the checkpoints and In the Specialist mode, weapons and bullets can be shot out from player, and Health restoration does not happen without nano shots. Finally this game is tremendously amazing in at every part. If you haven't played this game yet then just buy and play this game.

Rating : 9/10   

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