Lenovo Yoga Book Review

Lenovo is one of the best leading multinational technology company in the world and since from the past few years lenovo built some amazing laptops such as like Ideapad Y700, Yoga 900 , Thinkpad X1 Yoga etc and till now we have been acknowledged Dell XPS 13 and spectre x360 13 models as the worlds best laptops but things are changed now Lenovo recently launched the worlds thinnest laptop ever, Lenovo Yoga Book, which is comes at the price Rs. 90,580/-. Lenovo Yoga Book is a 2 in 1 laptop model which can be used as laptop and as well as a tablet. we have seen this kind of 2 in 1 model laptops already but this one is quite different from any other laptops because of it's thinner, small and light weight design. The exterior of this laptop has matte black texture which looks simple and not much slippery. you can see a Lenovo logo at back side of the lid and it is positioned as vertically at one corner.

This new lenovo model is so thin and It is completely like a text book when it's closed. comes to the ports, since it is thin model it has only one Micro USB port at left side for charging and connecting other storage devices and also a Micro-HDMI port and on right side you will see a 3.5 mm audio socket. on the right side there is a single tray for microSD card and as well as a Nano SIM. the power and volume buttons are on right side and you will see speaker grilles on both sides. just as like previous yoga products this new yoga book can be opened and flipped with it's display facing outwards just like a normal tablet. The display has 16:10 aspect ration which is very mutual on tablets than laptops. This yoga book has thick borders on all sides of the screen as well as with a shiny silver yoga book logo  at one corner. The hinge is very strong and let the device to stay in a place at any angle. The Lenovo yoga book has a 2 megapixel webcam at middle of the above screen and also a 8 megapixel camera on keyboard at top corner which will point outside when this device folded into tablet mode.The most revolutionary thing in this yoga book is it's keyboard,The keyboard is not a physical keyboard but a touch pad which is really an innovative and it is a very flat surface.

On top corner of the flat surface you will see a lighted pen icon if you hit on that pen icon the flat surface will turns into a backlit keyboard, lenovo calls it as "Halo Keyboard", and each key is very clear. if you tap the same pen icon again it disables the keyboard and it will back to the flat blank surface. you can write and draw on this blank surface with the lenovo's real pen stylus just as like you would on any other tablet. Lenovo has another best feature, you can switch real pen's stylus nib to real ball point refill so you can use it just like any other pen. with a paper or a pad above on the create pad surface so that you can write or sketch on surface at the same time as yoga book automatically digitizes the same write stokes on screen. the create pad will clearly identifies the writing and sketching within some sheets of paper and a wooden board.

Now lets see the specifications of the lenovo yoga book, lenovo offers both windows and android versions. The yoga book runs with a 2.4 Ghz 4 cores Intel Atom x5-Z8550 processor with an integrated Intel HD400 graphics.Yoga book has 4GB of RAM and also a 64 GB of internal storage but this number is really very low on windows so you better to depend on online services or Micro SD card for your storage needs. yoga book has 8500mAh capacity battery which is really a good one and the battery life is very good,lasted for  5 hours 10 minutes. This device has 10.1 inch display with the resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. lenovo yoga book supports for Bluetooth, cellular data and WiFi.

Verdict : 

Finally lenovo yoga book is completely a new one and a revolutionary one in 2 in 1 laptop models.it is totally looked like a tablet more over then laptop. this is a very light weight device because of it's thinner shape and it is really so easy and very comfortable while travelling. even though it is an expensive one still the specifications are too good at it's price but price may vary in different OS versions. the best part in this device is it's halo keyboard and it will definitely attracts the people whoever sees while halo keyboard is lighted up at first time will definitely wants to keep this device. If you are not think about that budget and wants to buy a good 2 in 1 laptop then just go for it and it 's truly an amazing device and futuristic.  

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