The Walking Dead New Frontier Episode 1 and 2 Full Review

The walking dead A new Frontier, Episodic Graphical Horror Adventurous game, is the third season of the The walking dead telltale game series which is developed and published by telltale games and it was released with two episodes on December 20,2016. The game takes on the same story line as the previous seasons where the player chooses one of the optional choices in one episode will have effect on future game episodes and these player choices options will be registered in save files.The game places in the same imaginary world as the comic book, with the zombie apocalypse having arose.  Clementine, a major character in the Walking dead game series, who was the player's friend throughout the first season and comes as the player character in the season two and now she return as player character once again along with another player character, Javi. This game was released for almost all gaming platforms which includes with Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android, IOS and OS X platforms and, this game is not going to released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Comes to the game-play,  It is similar to the previous two seasons and it is a point click horror adventurous game. In this game there will be two playable characters : Javier"javi", A new character brought in this season three and Clementine, the lead role character from the previous season. In this game players can observe and interact with the different surrounding things. you can start conversation with other characters and you should have to pick one option when other characters offers you to take decisions within the multiple options and that choice you make will effect on further episodes. If you fail to select an option within the limited time then still the conversation will continuous. the game released two episodes and named as Ties That Bind- Part 1 and Ties That Bind- Part 2. Now let's see that plots of the both Episodes.

Ties That Bind - Part 1 : 

This episode starts with a flashback where the zombie apocalypse is still at early stage and the story chases javi hurrying to meet his separated family on the point of his father Rafa is dying. Finally he reaches the home but unfortunately he finds that his father has died and his family is in sorrow. His older brother David being angry on Javi for coming late to see his father and he shows his jealous on javi for being the favorite son. while they arrange Rafa's funeral, he wakes up as a walker and attacks his family, and biting his brother hector and his wife in the process. eventually javi is strained to put him down. while david take along his mother to the hospital, Javi, David's wife Kate, Hector and kids mariana and Gabe goes with them in a separate van. Years after the civilization has been ruined and hector is expected to have died, Javi, Kate, Mariana and Gabe are on the flee from a walker flock.  

After a long drive they make a stop at junkyard for gas then at that place they find a mobile house filled with goods. javi came out from trailer for fuel and there an armed hostile group captures him and they make move towards the trailer and there kate, Mariana and Gabe are hide under the trailer and then they taking javi along with them on truck but a big tree falls and smashes the truck. Javi succeed to take driver's gun and now he has to decide weather shoot the driver or not. After that he meet with Clementine, the one who behind the fall of that tree and crash, because she wanted that truck. After they both escaped from a bunch of walkers and then they enters into a secured town Prescott. there javi meets with the Prescott leader Tripp and a couple, Francine and Conrad. Clementine argues with the town's arm dealer,Eli, for giving her bullets that stuck but unfortunately clementine's jammed gun works and kills Eli. Even if javi covers for clementine tripp decides to put them in lock. And then javi got options to go back to the junkyead with the Tripp in the morning or go with the Eleanor, medic, after that javi, clementine and tripp or Eleanor are goes to the junkyard then javi reunite with the Kate, Mariana and Gabe. when they leaves that area, the enemy group kills the Mariana and hurts the Kate. now javi have to make the decision to help clementine delay the group, Or Accompany Eleanor  or Tripp and go back to the Prescott to help the Kate.

Ties That Bind - Part 2 : 

Same as like first episode This game is also stars with a flashback. In that Javi talking with kate and she is very sad with her relationship with David and start on to show her feelings for javi. An argument starts between the Kate, David and Javi when Kate unintentionally breaks the David's precious cup meantime javi has the option to argue with David or pull back. After that the game again comes to the present time. After that battle, Eleanor able to cover up kate, who is got injury and still bleeding internally. Clementine recognize the hostile group as the New Frontier, who has large tattoo on their skin. The new frontier people shows up at the Prescott to take revenge for deaths of their men with taking Francine as a captive. after some argument between the new frontier, and javi, Tripp, conrad and clementine  a fierce fight takes place between the new frontier, and javi and others meantime Francine get shot and killed by one of the new frontier group. After that one of the new frontier group member orders to destroy the gate of the prescott with a truck full of walkers. Javi, Tripp, Clementine , Kate , Gabe and Conrad are manages to escape from the prescott while it is overrun and killed by walkers and the new frontier.

When the group stops and take some time to recover, unhappy conrad chiding javi for the loss of his wife and his home, and these actions makes Gabe aim his gun at Conrad and after somehow javi handles the situation. after that the group decides to go for Richmond, a place which they trust it has some medical essential for kate. while they travel to the Richmond a road is blocked with some wrecked cars and when the group tries to move those blocking cars, some walkers meet on the group's heavy noise. while they attack on those walkers, groups tells Eleanor to go along with the kate to the Richmond. the group escapes to the higher ground form those walkers. javi finds that someone is watching them from behind then the group meets the man, Paul Jesus Monroe. He is also moving to the Richmond, which is now overrun by the new frontier. The group get shocked hearing after that Richmond is taken by the new frontier and they allow to lead Jesus to a not used tunnel which could guide them to Richmond. after a small flashback of clementine, she reveal herself to javi that she is a former new frontier and she shows mark on her arm. when the group move in tunnel they realizes that tunnel is full of walkers and they fight back with those walkers and escapes. unfortunately conrad overheard the conversation between javi and clementine and he takes gabe as hostage and tells the javi about his plant to use clementine to deal with the new frontier.

If javi refuses conrad's plan, he then shoots and kills the conrad, which shocks the gabe and then clementine choose to separate from the group or if javi accepts to the conrads plan then conrad releases gabe then the four meet up with the Tripp and Jesus at outside and they reveal about the clementine's former connection with the new frontier. And after that the group move towards to the Richmond and they sees the eleanor's car with kate is still in inside but Eleanor is missing and they think she is captured by the new frontier. javi make a decision to move towards the new frontier at the gate of Richmond with having an expectation that they will provide some medical care to the kate. max, new frontier member, meets the javi at gate and after some conversation they open up the gate with some new frontier members point their guns at the group. the group is shocked when they sees that the David as the high ranking member of the new frontier.

If you haven't play this game then you should be i strongly recommend to play this awesome game. the story is good and graphically it simply awesome.

Rating : 8.3/10  

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