10 Gadgets you wont believe they are existed

Since from the past few decades people have been obsessed with making the new gadgets to make our lives greater and technology became part of our life style. At present we are in an incredible era of technological development and invention and every year so many new gadgets are developed but there are some more gadgets are out there which can be very hard to believe that they are really existed. Here are the Top 10 best gadgets which are very hard to believe they existed.


A Hoverbikes are really a dream thing for all of us and now molly Aeronautics  brought that imaginary thing into our real life and they also named that Hoverbike as The Aero X. Molly Aeronautics combined the freedom of a Helicopter and easiness of a motorbike to make the world's first flying motorbike. This Hoverbike has a BMW R1200R Boxer engine and this can be run off manned or unmanned. This Aero X can carry up to two people and This Hoverbike would be released at the end of 2017. Aero x is too expensive($85000) and only usable at selected areas. 


If you are big fan of flip phones then this is a good news for you guys, flip phones are coming back but they are now mentioned as Foldable Phones since they have no hinge and one solid surface can be capable to fold half of the phone completely over itself. since from few years Samsung has been working on these foldable phones and they also named this foldable phone as Samsung Galaxy x. This gadget is going to release on sometime period between the July to September in this Year and LG is also going to release their foldable phones in this Year. The cost of this phones might be around $650 to $850. 


If you hate to cooking then this gadget is for you guys. Robot chef arms are definitely a high tech gadget that we have been dreamed of it and we have seen movies like I ROBOT and we have to be careful of such kind of advanced technology as these cooking arms are totally efficient of whipping up about any meal. It would be very nice and a different kind of experience to see a robot cooking food for us but unfortunately it's still at testing stage and not yet released to the market. Moley Robotics developing this high tech cooking gadget for quite a some time and the cost of this Robot Chef Arms could be too expensive since it has the advanced technology.


Here it is another kitchen thing LG's Signature Refrigerator  which is also has some very good high technology. If you ever wanted to see what is inside without opening a fridge door then you can count on this refrigerator, it can shows you the things which you can't see without opening the door by just tap two knocks on fridge's right side black panel door then automatically in inside it can lighted up and goes as transparent and will shows you the what's inside. This fridge got another best feature which is called as "Auto Open Door" which is a smart sensor detector that opens the fridge door without touching it and it is placed at the bottom of the fridge. All you need to do is you will see a "Door Open" projection on floor and just make a step on that projection then automatically the door opens. Not only these two it got still some very good features and also it is expensive, This Refrigerator comes at the Price $8500. 


We have been very friendly with our dogs and these pets are became one of our family members too but do we really understand what they thinking or do you ever wanted to know what dogs have been thinking then this gadget is surely a worth for our friendly dogs. NSID developed this gadget and they also named this gadget as No More Woof. It is a mind reading headset for dogs and it uses an EEG machine to study our pets brainwaves and decipher their thoughts into our language as of right now the device can read up to four states such as like I am Hungry, I am Tired, I need to pee and Sleep. Even though the device looks cool most people don't want turn their pets into some cyborg machine and This device comes at an affordable price range. 


Do you ever wanted an upgrade to the casts then have a look on it guys. Casts have been used to the treatment for broken bones since from many generations and wearing these stinking and itchy casts can be just as painful as break bone but things changed now with these 3D printed casts and they also known as Cortex casts. Cortex Cast  is a 3D printed after a x ray and 3D scan of the patient in order to get perfect size of cast which is suitable and very fit to the patient. These casts are comfortable when compared to the old casts and also these casts waterproof, lightweight and look very stylish.


If you ever wanted a wearable thing which has same functions just as like Bluetooth then here it is guys take a look on it. Wearable gadgets are one of the new technology and most booming latest industries with things like google glasses and smart watches, and now Buhel sound glasses  are also make a place in that list. This gadget is very stylish and also offers you same functions of Bluetooth headset without being visible and this gadget is created by Atellani. 


It's really a big annoying thing to carry house keys and they may scratch your phone when you put them into your pocket with your phone and if there are many keys it's very difficult to find which key is which for the right door and also it will became a little messy if you lost or forgot the key  and don't worry guys here it is solution for all those things,Keeo Carbon. It is a keyholder which is created by the Neuland Innovation Ltd but it is just not only a keyholder. This Keeo Carbon will automatically opens the right key for the right door when you stepped in front of the door. This gadget wirelessly sync with your phone and your location to draw the right key for the right door. It's also got other features such as like Keeo USB stick, Keeo LED , Keeo Bottle Opener. You can connect with the Keeo app so that you can find where your keys by it's "Find Me Function". This gadget comes at $100. 


Don't you guys ever wanted to secure your things things then just have a look on this awesome and beautiful gadget. Sammy screamer is a motion alarm and it will alerts when it;s moved and sends a notification to your phone. It is a colorful triangle device and may look like a child's toy but it's definitely a best gadget when comes to secure. All you need to do is put this sammy screamer device on things which you wanted to secure and install sammy screamer's Bleepbleeps app on your smartphone and if somebody takes your things it will alerts and sends notifications to your phone. This gadget comes at the price $50. 


we have been talking about these eye inventions for quite a some time and these are definitely an amazing advanced technology that we have right now. many companies working on this kind of Eye innovations. Sony working on lenses which are capable of capturing videos in the high tech way and google has been working on contact lenses which are focused on medical especially for the people who suffers with diabetes. 


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