5 Best new smartphones with unique features

Smartphones are ruling this world right now. Everyday new features and new kinds of phones are came into market but still almost all smartphones are contains with same kind of features though there is size differences or difference in specs but still there are very close. you can easily see same kind of specs again and again but still there are some other phones which are very unique when you compare them with other phones.

1. LG V20 

 If you ever felt annoying with notifications while you watching videos or playing games then This phone will be a better choice. This phone got the Second screen feature which will helps you to close notifications easily without stopping your videos or games and also you can send messages to your friends while your watching videos. You don't have to search for emails or messages through google,with In Apps feature you can easily find messages or emails using the second screen and another best feature is Quick tools which is easily accessible even when the display is turned off and you will see different kind of tools in that quick tools such as like memo pad, camera and also some other features. Read The Full LG V20 Review


Just imagine How much amazing it would be if you can control your Smartphone with your eyes and if you really wanted a phone like that one Then definitely you should have to take a look on This phone. ZTE Hawkeye has a very excellent feature which is called as Sense eye which uses your phones front camera to capture movements of your eyes and that will helps you to control your phone with your eyes. with this Sense Eye feature things will get a lot easier such as like playing games, navigation and reading. If you want to scroll page to up and down then just move your eyes up and down for those directions,and  if you want scroll page left to right  or for watching photos one by one all you need to do is move your eyes left to right. You can get this phone at price Rs. 14,999/-.


Lenovo Phab 2 Pro has a depth sensing 3D camera system and also a google's AR(Augmented Reality) software and this device will allows virtual objects interact with the real world very close by you. This phones AR and VR sensors will take exact measures of the items in their room by just using the camera and also it will helps to measures items in the online shopping stores such as like amazon, flipkart, ebay and etc, and items like furniture you can easily select that item and just place it in your room to check weather it's fit to room or not so that it's easy to pick one which suits to your room. Read The Full Lenovo Phab 2 Pro Review  


if you guys ever wondered about two sided display smartphones then have a look on this new smartphone model,Yotaphone 2. This phone got the two displays one at front and another one is at back. At back it has the EPD interactive screen which is always ON as far as the energy and it will always saves on displaying the messages and calls until you react to them and even though it is not a complete display but still it's definitely a big step into this kind of technology and we haven't seen this kind of smartphones before.Another best feature in this phone is Yotaenergy mode which saves the battery life. You can see this Yotaenergy mode on back screen and all you need to do is switch that yotaenergy mode to ON when your phone runs with low energy and that will increases your phones battery life. Not only these it got still some other very good features and you will get this phone at price Rs. 23,499/-

5. MOTO Z 

this phone is definitely a unique one since it is not only just a smartphone but also work as a projector, camera and also as a sound speaker. On the back of this phone you will some magnetic pins which helps you to snap the moto z mods like a Projector, True Zoom camera, JBL sound speaker and also a power pack. you can only use one at a time and all you need to do is attach them on the back side of this phone then the phone will turned into as a camera or as speaker or as a projector. Read The Full Moto Z Review

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