5 best new android games in February 2017

Every month there are so many android games are moved to the google play store and so many games get very popular but with our busy schedules we may miss some games every day. now i am going to highlight the top five best games which were released in last month February 2017.


There are tons of endless running games on google play store and very few of them are good and beautiful such as like Sky Dancer which was released very recently and developed by Pine Entertainment. the main goal of this game is to run, jump and fall from one floating platform to the other floating platform and you must be careful when you are going to drop from  platform and where you landing. This game is very stylish and it is not just a runner game but it will also feels you like you are playing some kind of superhero game, and in this game falling is so much important as running. The graphics of this game is very good and controls are very simple. you can download and install this game for free on Google Play Store. Download and Install game.


we have seen so many good ninja action android games and Shadow Blade Reload is one of them,and This game is developed by digital dragon games. This game is not a sequel to the Shadow Blade but this game much better then the original shadow blade. The main objective of this game is you should sprint through platforms filled with traps and slaying your enemies whoever comes on your path without a hesitation. In this game you can upgrade players skills which makes him even stronger and that could be helpful for him when he fought with powerful enemies. This game has 40 + levels with 4 boss fights. Graphics are awesome and controls are simple but you should need to be play fast while fighting with powerful enemies. This game is not for free and it comes at the price Rs. 331/- on Google Play Store. Buy and Download Game .


Online multiplayer games are very interested and entertaining games. These kind of games will gives more fun then the normal games, especially when you are playing along with your friends. War Friends is also an Online multiplayer war game which is developed by the Chillingo. This game offers you to shoot, Dive, cover, dodge bullets and kill the enemy forces. You can play with your friends on online and you can join them into your squad to fight alongside you on online deathmatches with other teams. If you won all those deathmatches you can place your squad at the top of the leaderboards but can you really do that? it is not that simple but it gives you the superb fun. Graphics are very decent and controls are also good, and you can even upgrade the army and weapons. You can download and play this game from Google Play store and it comes for free. Download and Install Game.


Castle of legends is also an online multiplayer fantasy game which is developed by the Chanyou.com.
In this game you must build castle, enlist fabulous heroes from different time period and save land which are damaged by catastrophic. you can reconstruct the castle and return the kingdom to it's previous fame. you can train your legendary heroes, enlist more heroes from time, upgraded to new items, command your legendary heroes and explore the whole world while killing all monsters on your way. It's truly an wonderful fantasy and adventurous game. graphics are pretty awesome will remembers you the clash of clans game. Download and Install Game.


Soul Knight is an android action and shooting game which is developed by the ChillyRoom. In this game you must fight with some alien minions to retreat the magical stone which is stole by those aliens. This game has different kind of unique heroes with unique skills. you can explore dungeons, dodge bullets and explore 120 weapons while on your journey. you will definitely get some new experience while playing this super game. graphics are pretty good and simple, and very natural controls. This one will be the best shooter game and if you not yet checked then just try it out on google play store and it's come for free. Download and Install Game.

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