Top 5 Android apps in February 2017!

So many new android apps are coming every day with different thoughts from different minds and these apps got the power to change our smartphones nature. Here, now i am going to tell you guys 5 best android apps that were released in last month February 2017. If you are bored with using old apps then try some new apps. 


BatOn is an android app which is recently released and developed by the Limitium. we have seen so many apps that will helps for our smartphones battery and this one is also related to the battery app but it's not a kind of app that will boost your phones battery or saves battery but it will shows you the battery level of the Bluetooth devices such as like wireless controllers, smartphones, Headphones etc. with this app you can easily knows the battery level of the other Bluetooth devices. This app comes for free and you can get this app from Google Play Store. Download and Install App.


Summary scanner is a mobile scanner android app which is developed by the Summary Scanner. This app will offers you to scan the any paper in an instant so that you don't have to copy your document files always to your phone all you need to do is scan the document and it will saves on your mobile. This app will also provides you some settings within the app so that you can adjust the document size and, crop the size and select the are that you wanted to scan. you can save those scanned document files as a PDF files. This app will also translates the language but for that you should need to download the language packages so that it can translates to the languages which you want. It is easy share the file as PDF or as plane text to social media or email or cloud services like Drop box, One Drive or google drive etc. you will get this app for free from google play store. Download and Install App.


Pixel wallpapers is an android app which is developed by the Dev Marques. This app provides you some very good HD wallpapers for your mobile phone background. you don't have to go to online and search for the images and it is very simple and easy to use. You can see different categories of wallpapers so all you need to do is download and set them as background image. This app is free to use and you can download it from Google Play Store. Download and Install App.


You Now is a live streaming Android app which is developed by the YouNow Inc. with this app you can connect and interact with live broadcasters and also you can go live with your spectators. you can also go live streaming by tapping the Go Live button on your profile and you can also chat with the live broadcasters. you will definitely get a lot of Fun with this app such as like sending Gifts, capture your important broadcast moments, taking selfies and also request to guest. you can find many people on this app like you can find musicians, artists and your favorite people. You must have this app if you want to have some Fun. This app is free and you can download it from google play store. Download and Install App.  


Shapical is a photo editing android app which is developed by the Sixhands App. we have seen so many photo editing apps before but this one is completely a different one .This app surely a nice photo editing app, if you guys haven't used this app then just go for it guys. This app is very easy to use, by just few taps you can turn your photos into some kind of artworks. This app got so many good features like it got the original blur effects,fine tune stroke, 3D and Eraser tools, Real time editing and Rich color palette but the best part is it has the more then 300 unique shapes, those will make your photo into something else and they will produce some nice effects to your photos. This app will gives you a lot Fun,  this app comes for free from Google Play store. Download and Install App.


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