AuraVR Go, Ace, Pro Review

AuraVR is one of the well known companies in the world and it has been selling it's products on Amazon. This company now released a new model named AuraVR Go and this will be available on Snapdeal at the price Rs. 899/-. Smartphone VR Gaming is presently very popular throughout the world and so many popular companies releases their own VR headsets for Smartphones such as like Google's Daydream VR , Samsung Gear VR, Oculus rift etc. The 5.5 inch LG and Motorola phones can easily fit on this AuraVR headset and phones which are smaller than 5 inch display can be too small for good holding but still this size of smartphones are also will work. This VR headset is made of plastic with froth rubber stuffing for your nose and face. This VR headset has very hard edges and you can see a button at the bottom of the headset,it may be a bit difficult at first but once you are using it frequently it can become more comfortable than the holding hand at the top.

This VR headset is very comfortable to wear and it is very light weight.There are two straps, one is goes over top on your head and another one is fasten to both sides of the headset. There are two sliders on top of the headset to move the lenses front or back and there is also a third slider which is at the middle in between those two sliders and it helps to adjust the Inter pupillary distance. Since Aura VR Go has a simple plastic holder,it is easier to put the phone in and remove and you don't have to worry about the scratching the phone when you are about to remove the phone from the VR because the VR has very smooth padding. The Straps are very easy to adjust and it is very comfortable. Even though the design is essential, it doesn't allow any light from the sides which is actually very important. This VR headset build isn't quite premium and you can even wear this headset for such a long period of time and still you won't face any uncomfortable issues with this one. 

You will definitely enjoy with this VR headset and it will gives you the best VR gaming experience without having any side issues. Other than the AuraVR  Go the company itself released three new VR headsets with the prices ranges between Rs. 299/- and 2,999/-. In this the low cost model is the AuraVR V2, which is mostly a google cardboard headset but actually it is made up with plastic. This low cost VR headset has few hard edges and there is no froth padding. This VR headset has one very big advantage than the cardboard, it has the similar two strap system which let the headset to be strapped strongly so you don't have to hold with your hands. The second one is AuraVR pro and it is comes at the price Rs. 1,799/-. This Pro VR headset is little heavy when compare to other Aura headsets  and it is expensive than the AuraVR Ace and it has a plenty of foam rubber padding and same as like Ace this one also a large plastic unit. most of this device looks and feels as premium but it this headset heats up a little bit.

The very expensive headset is the AuraVR Ace, which comes at the price Rs. 2,999/- and it is very appropriate model in the total Aura VR headsets. This headset comes up with built in ear headphones. The padding is luxurious, and the lenses, earpieces and straps are very easy to adjust. At the front where you tie in your phone, there you will see a small 3.5 mm cable which you have to run on your phone's audio outlet. It is really a good thing to have a built in headphone but sadly, The AuraVR Ace Audio quality isn't that good. This VR headset is also heats up a little bit.

Finally, the AuraVR family has plenty to offer. if you want to buy a cheap and good one then just go for the AuraVR Go headset, it offers the best in it's price range. other two, Pro and Ace, are quite expensive  and there are some other companies offers best at in this price range but Aura also gives the best quality at it's best especially, The Ace has a built in headphones and it is very comfortable than any other VR headsets. if you don't consider about the money then just go for the AuraVR Ace headset.

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